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A Driving School for driving lessons in the UK.

We consider your safety and confidence to be our main priorities. Our expert instructors will help you learn how to drive your car and become adept at recognising hazzards. They will teach you all you need to know about staying safe on our roads and the manouvres you need for getting out and about. Something they cannot do is be there when you have passed your test. It is up to you then to use the skills you’ve learnt, make use of the resources your instructor has shown you and stay vigilant and observant on the roads.

We understand that driving on unfamiliar roads in areas you’re unacquainted with can be rather daunting and so we’re here to help you as much as we can. Your driving instructor will have expert knowledge of the area you’re learning in and can show you how to tackle tricky junctions or road layouts. You will be able build up your confidence over the duration of your lessons and quickly become sure and secure at these difficult traffic obstacles.

We have looked at and analysed data from the local authority in order to identify where there are accident hotspots. This isn’t meant to scare or worry you, it is simply to help you. By looking at these areas, we can make you aware of them allowing you to apply more care and attention when driving on these particular roads. Some of these accidents are “slight” accidents and are minor bumps some in bad weather conditions, nevertheless this causes not only dents in the bumpers but dents in the bank balance and confidence as well.

We have looked at data spanning 7 years which details the number of accidents and how serious they were.

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